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5 Guilt-Free Tailgating Tips

5 Guilt-Free Tailgating Tips

Fall is the season of awesome weather, football and TAILGATING. Drinking, eating and socializing before, during and even after the “big game” brings more fun to the festivities at hand. As easy as it is to go overboard on the alcohol and traditional guilt-laden game foods, it is just as easy to go lighter, tastier and even more nourishing. Consider my top 5 game-changing tips to stay on Read More »
  • Women and Girls in Global Film

    Women and Girls in Global Film

    Two years ago, the United Nations designated October 11 as the International Day of the Girl. In a recent Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times, Jonah Goldberg questioned the need for feminism. Is an International Day of the Girl needed? The data presented last week in Los Angeles at the… Read More »
  • Meet the Independent School Alliance!

    Meet the Independent School Alliance!

    I was recently at an event for the Independent School Alliance (ISA), sitting next to Mary Beth Barry the President of the Board of the ISA and the Director of Admissions for Brentwood School. I knew she was involved in this organization, but until Keishia Gu, Executive Director took the… Read More »
  • My Failed Attempt at a Garage Sale

    My Failed Attempt at a Garage Sale

    My daughter is now 6 years old, which means our garage had become a storage place for strollers, a pack and play, nursery furniture and an endless amount of books and toys that she has outgrown. I held onto much of it thinking I would pass it off to a… Read More »

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jennifer ginsberg

Los Angeles

Welcome to The Intuitive Chef, a Los Angeles based personal chef natural foods service

Jennifer is a natural foods chef, cooking class instructor, and licensed clinical social worker who prepares wholesome culinary experiences. Her cooking philosophy incorporates the following values:

  • All natural whole foods. No high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, GMO’s, artificial coloring, or hormones in your dairy or meat. In other words, real food.

  • Local, seasonal, and sustainable fare. Jennifer is passionate about supporting local farmers and making conscious food choices.

  • Food that nourishes you. Because of her expertise in customizing food that resonates with each client, your experience will energize and rejuvenate you.

  • Delicious multicultural cuisine. Jennifer’s diverse expertise in various culinary styles ranges from Thai curries to Italian dishes to comfort food. Cooking with less-than ordinary ingredients is her status quo: quinoa, cashew cream, home-made nut milks, gluten-free flours, and coconut oil.

  • Personalized menus. Jennifer does not have a ‘standard’ menu. Rather, she will employ her intimate knowledge of delicious, healthful cuisine for which she is known and customize a menu just for you.

  • Green culinary practices. Jennifer abides by the highest environmentally sustainable culinary practices. She is well-versed in sustainable fish and meat, high-heat compostable products, carbon offsets, eco-friendly cleaning products, and much more. Upon request, your event can be an entirely carbon neutral affair.

How can The Intuitive Chef improve the quality of your life?

  • Do you feel a sense of dread when 5pm hits and your children ask, “Mom, what’s for dinner?”

  • Are you sick of greasy, over-priced delivery meals?

  • Are meal times stressful and chaotic, since everyone in your home eats different things at different times?

  • Are you (or any member of your family) on a special diet and wish you could have delicious, customized food (including gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and Paleo) prepared exactly to your preference?

  • Do you wish you had the time, energy, and desire to learn how to cook, but it’s just not your thing?

  • Do you ever imagine what it would be like to have a refrigerator stocked with delicious, nutritious meals and side dishes for the week?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, then you could definitely benefit with a session from The Intuitive Chef!

Have me come into your home and prepare delicious and healthy

meals for the week, cater your next special event, or provide nutritional and life coaching so your body and soul can thrive!


Jennifer Ginsberg 

The Intuitive Chef

my little sunshine 2

8674 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

My Little Sunshine is Culver City’s Newest Eco-Friendly Baby Boutique. Located in the Arts District of Culver City, directly across the historic Helms Bakery Building. My Little Sunshine has quickly become the go to place for mommies in search of eco-friendly, organic, and U.S. made products. My Little Sunshine only stocks the best for your little sunshine. Great brands the The Honest Company, Bugaboo, Plan Toys, Green Toys, Boon, Lady BIM, Eco-Kids, and many more cover the walls of this adorable boutique. At My Little Sunshine they have really taken out the hard work when it comes to finding the right products for mom and baby. No need to feel overwhelmed when shopping here, the staff in fully knowledgeable in everything they carry. My Little Sunshine also offers free local delivery if you live in Los Angeles (some exclusions apply).

nabthat image


2500 Broadway Santa Monica ca 90414

24/7 online

NabThat unshackles car shoppers from the drag and frustration of traditional car buying by providing an experience that saves time, money, and keeps hairs from growing gray.

Our online concierge service empowers people to buy or lease new cars by allowing them to create offers that local dealerships can compete for. Consumer information is also kept completely private from dealerships, therefore shielding car shoppers from salesmen phone calls and emails. Savings are guaranteed and an express checkout service is provided which allows consumers to have their car delivered or be in and out of a dealership within minutes instead of hours.

Additionally, we provide guaranteed car insurance quotes from first-rate insurance carriers. We have partnered up with local brokers that offer competitive quotes shown to save customers up to 50% from their previous insurance.

ISA student and teacher

5813A Uplander Way Culver City, CA 90230

The Independent School Alliance is a leading organization in private school admissions counseling and placement.  It was founded by its members schools for the purpose of placing underrepresented students at the elementary and secondary levels.  Since 1985 we’ve provided access and opportunities to thousands of students across Southern California. Our students become exemplary members of their independent schools communities, and very often our member schools comment that their campuses are better places because of the presence of Alliance students

We counsel and advocate on behalf of parents of color who are seeking a remarkable independent school environment for their academically strong and motivated students.  From start to finish, we counsel families on choosing an elementary, middle, or high school school that is right for them.  Our goal is to demystify the complex admissions process and guide them through the application submission, provide interview and visit suggestions, counsel on entrance testing, and if necessary, how to apply for tuition assistance.

body back after baby

4335 Van Nuys Blvd #188 Sherman Oaks Ca 91403

“My Baby Hijacked My Body, Now I Want It Back!”

 Post-Pregnancy Abdominal and Pelvis Floor Recovery Program.
 Only takes 10 minutes a day, but provides a life-time of benefits………..4-Principles 
*Simple to understand
 *Will provide immediate long-lasting improvements in and of itself

……….16-week – Pelvis Floor Recovery Program
 *Progressive phases for continued improvements
 *Maintenance prescription……….17-week – Abdominal Recovery Program
* Progressive phases for continued improvements
 *Maintenance prescription
……….Guidance for other postpartum necessities: 
*Alleviating common “mom aches and pains”, (with stretches, postural adjustments, and/or strengthening)
 *Sleep care 
*Postpartum depression
 *Skin care
*”Busy Mom’s” fitness workouts……… for other support and guidance for moms.


tidy tote

Tidy Tote – The Original “DIRTY” Bag

Created to hold all things “dirty,” the Tidy Tote does just that. Just think of it as a cousin to the wet bag. The Tidy Tote is designed to keep your dirty stuff away from your clean stuff. What do you do with the dirty play clothes from the park, the sandy flip flops from the beach, the favorite teddy bear that falls on the bathroom floor? Put it in your Tidy Tote! Peace of mind will come knowing that all things dirty are being contained and away from the things you worked so hard to get clean. Try it out! You’ll love the pull out lining because a quick rinse or quick shake out is all it takes to get the inside ready to hold the next big mess. We hope you can enjoy the luxury of a simple life.


Follow and like us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter – @tidytote


900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007


Discover your world past and present. Our new Dinosaur Hall has over 300 real fossils, 20 complete dinosaurs and ancient sea creatures and the world’s only Tyrannosaurus rex growth series. Get the behind- the- scenes look at how scientists work on fossils at our Dino Lab. Watch as dinosaurs come to life with our Dinosaur Encounters show.

Journey through the epic evolutionary story that spans 65 million years. See 240 specimens, including skeletons from mastodons to whales, animal dioramas from North American and Africa, and more.

See and touch more than 2,000 spectacular specimens displayed in our Gem and Mineral Hall. Enter into the vault to view diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other exquisite gems.

Discover the nature of things while strolling through our extensive Nature Gardens. Kids and adults can take a closer look at how things grow in our Get Dirty Zone. Discover true stories about plants and animals in our Nature Lab.

Our Butterfly and Spider Pavilions are open seasonally. Here you can wander through the changing ecosystem with over 30 species of fluttering butterflies all around you, or witness arachnids up close and personal.


260 E. Colorado Boulevard Pasadena, CA 91101

With the love of art and entertainment it’s no wonder that a bottle or two of wine would get involved to create Wine and Canvas! Who knew painting and sipping wine with a few friends on the dining room table would launch this national brand. Wine and Canvas was started in Indianapolis, Indiana in February 2010 and is proud to bring the experience to studios, restaurants, corporate tabletops and your home from coast to coast!

Wine and Canvas is not just a paint class it is Art Entertainment at its finest. Awesome local artists, great customer service and beautiful surroundings make for an amazing experience that you don’t find anywhere else. Sipping your favorite wine or cocktail, letting your inner artist out to create a masterpiece and maybe breaking into song throughout the night is what we have planned for you! Leave your cares at the door and dive in to the paint party! Best part you take your artwork with you and leave the clean up behind!

Local artists in each city inspire and Instruct Wine and Canvas customers step-by-step to create their finished masterpiece. Each location hosts many events monthly with a different featured painting each night. With our step-by-step instruction method customers without a stroke of painting experience are at ease.



(310) 621-5759

Pacific Palisades

Are you in need of full-time childcare? CHI Au Pair USA is part of Cultural Homestay International, a non profit organization that has been dedicated to building international understanding through cultural exchange for over thirty years. As one of the leading Au Pair Agencies, CHI Au Pair USA, values customer service and one-on-one attention to our families. We provide a diverse selection of highly screened applicants from around the world who all share a love for children.

Calli Camacho is a hardworking, kind and caring, highly-qualified, CPR-certified Au Pair/Nanny from South Africa. She has thousands of hours of babysitting experience with children and infants of all ages, and she is an experienced driver too!  She and dozens of young women (and young men!) are part of the the pre-screened cultural exchange visitors willing to give caring childcare in your home in exchange for a chance to attend college in the US, speak English, experience American life and earn a small stipend.

Calli or any of our currently available au pairs can arrive in Los Angeles as soon as December 10 and provide up to 12 months of 45 hrs/week of loving, affordable childcare. She (and our other young women and men)  are legally sponsored here on a J-1 visa through Cultural Homestay International (CHI) Au Pair USA, a reputable agency that has been around for over 30 yrs.

It’s more affordable than you may think to host an Au Pair! The cost for the Au Pair’s stipend and the program fees come to just about $350 per week, per family. Please visit for more information or contact Terri, the local CHI Au Pair Coordinator in West Los Angeles For families in the San Fernando Valley and points north, please contact Sandra Haglund (805) 498-2524