Letter from the Editor: Women’s History, Rights and March

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I’ve been thinking a lot about women’s rights and women’s accomplishments recently. Perhaps its that the past few months have been all about narrowing and focusing our own companies’ efforts and how we as a business support women. Or that the election really affected us deeply and personally as advocates for women. We watched it all unfold in the national media and in social media – the future leader of the free world – blatantly denigrating women and anyone else who didn’t fit his agenda. For so many of us it seemed like a step backward. We came so far – electing an African American president – that a woman in the oval office seemed possible. And Michelle Obama as First Lady was such an inspiration and role model for women everywhere – we really believed that a woman president was next. Thankfully her legacy includes a movement that helps and supports women – she hosted the United State of Women a summit and a movement giving a megaphone to the importance of gender equality and providing a platform for addressing these critical concerns.

And – I admit it – I was deeply saddened as I read post after post about Amazon canceling Good Girls Revolt on what seemed like the coat tails of Hillary losing the election. Obviously people like the show or there wouldn’t have been such a backlash about its cancellation. I’m one of those people. I binge watched (and loved) all ten episodes of the show, which is all about women discovering they have to fight for equal rights in the work place in the early 70’s. Guess what ladies – 40+ years later – not much has changed. We’re still fighting.*

In exactly one week hundreds of thousands if not millions of women will be marching in Washington and cities around the country to stand up for women’s rights. The Women’s March movement came about as a result of this past presidential election. Women are marching to represent all the diverse and underrepresented groups in America, communities who deserve to be heard and be treated with equality and concern. If you can’t make it to Washington to march, do not despair, there are marches in sister cities all across the country and throughout California. Whether you voted for Hillary or for Trump, one thing holds true, women in this country are powerful, our voice and actions incite change. If you believe that we are all equal – and that civil liberties and civil dignity matter – then march. The LA march is taking place downtown. You can get there by bus, train, carpool or Uber but parking will be impossible so don’t drive.

How else can you be heard? Support women initiatives.  Did you know that there isn’t a Women’s History Museum in the United States? At least – not yet. In 2014 Congress approved legislation to study and produce a plan for a National Women’s History Museum in DC. You can help make it happen by donating to the cause, subscribing to their newsletter and telling your friends. And you can honor a woman who positively impacted your life with a tribute. I say we save our pink crocheted hats from the Women’s March and wear them on opening day of the Women’s History Museum.

Crochet something. Women’s History Month is just around the corner, and Michelle Villemaire (aka Home Made Mimi) is embarking on the her third year of yarn bombing the Palisades in the name of accomplished women. Women like Sonia Sotomayor, Dorothy Parker, Oprah and Ellen Degeneres. Women who made and are making a difference. Want to help? Ask to join her Yarn Bombing group on Facebook and sign up to crochet something. The National Women’s History Museum is in support of this project and so is the LA Mayor’s Office. Oh and, Michelle has a knack for creating projects that get national exposure so I wouldn’t be surprised if your crocheted contribution helped spotlight this cause even further. PS – Michelle attended the United State of Women Summit. See – she has a knack for getting noticed.

What else can you do? There are also lots of lists circulating of organizations that need your support now more than ever so they can continue to lobby in DC and keep doing their good work. Here’s one example.

As for me – MomAngeles will continue marching, We will continue to profile and highlight the accomplishments of moms in LA. We will build and expand MomFair and help more and more women succeed in their careers and in their businesses. This has been a great time of reflection and in this new year I am ready to continue to champion this cause that is so dear to all of us at MomAngeles – you.

*Special shout out to writer Norah Ephron who’s experience as a writer at NewsWeek was the inspiration for the show Good Girls Revolt. Norah went on to write Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and many more movies that have left an indelible mark on women everywhere. I hope a Yarn Bomb piece makes it on the tree for her this year. I also want to say thank you to Dana Calvo for creating the show and Lynda Obst for producing the show. I am still on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens after the Press Conference….

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