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Discover Winston Pies in Brentwood

Winston Pies is one of my new obsessions. Hailing from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, owner Brianna combines her family tradition of pie baking with her love of fresh air and California farmer’s market fruit. What started as a custom pie company out of her home has grown into a gorgeous retail location and pie bakery in Brentwood featuring every option of how to get you pie possible…slice of pie, pie bite, hand pies, 11″ and 5″ pies. You can even order pie delivery from Postmates which I have to admit we’ve done a few times on a Friday night.



I knew the minute I walked into the place that this was a Southern inspired bakery. You can see it in the decor and you know it once you bite into the buttery, flaky crust. The bright, white bakery is accented with beachy hints of blue and a porch swing. Because thats where we Southerners like to each our pie, on the porch.



Being a Southern girl myself, I love to see a bit of the South in LA and I love that Brianna has so beautifully melded her love of California lifestyle with her upbringing. You can taste it in every fruit filled buttery flaky pie.



You can read all about Brianna, her inspiration and the flavors of her fabulous pies including Key West Lime, Chocolate Cowgirl (its like chocolate mousse meets fudge in a pie), Harvest Apple, Orchard Peach and Nectarine, and Dixie Classic Cherry (my favorite!!) on her website. Love that your family sometimes eats pie for breakfast Brianna! Now that we’ve discovered you, my family does too!


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