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Vegas With Baby…yeah!? Don’t Worry, There’s Lots To Do!

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VegasLos Angeles is an amazing place to live, work and play just about any day of the year, but sometimes don’t you just itch to get the heck out of Dodge? So where do you go without it being a big travel hassle? Vegas baby! It’s only a 4-5 hour drive (without traffic) and it’s a veritable cornucopia of lights, action, food and fun! Oh, but what to do with the kids? Not to worry, bring them with you because, surprisingly, Las Vegas is chock full of amazing things to do for toddlers and above. Here are our top picks:

childrendsmuseum1. Discover Children’s Museum: There 58,000 square feet of fun all interconnected by a climbing jungle gym that runs up the middle of the museum, the full three-stories.  It has nine-themed exhibition halls, such as Toddler Town, Water World, Fantasy Festival and others as well as 26,000 square feet of interactive hand-on exhibits. Free parking is a bonus. And a word to the wise, either eat before you go or bring food, there are only vending machines and snacks are not allowed in the exhibits area. Photo Credit: Discover Children’s Museum via Facebook

springspreserve2. The Springs Preserve: From a Rainforest Adventure to riding the rails on a 2.5 mile train ride to their Living Collection of animals, gardens, museum, trails, films, story time and so much more, you and your family could easily spend a whole day here. And the Springs Café is run by the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas. That makes things even better! And there’s a lot to do outside so bring sunscreen and a hat! Photo Credit: The Springs Preserve via Facebook

naturalhistory3. Las Vegas Natural History Museum: Their permanent exhibits consist of a Vegas inspired CSI styled dinosaur exhibit (of course!), geology, wildlife and marine exhibits as well as live sharks, stingrays, scorpions and lizards. When you go, make sure to check out Web site first because the traveling exhibits and special events, like weekend science classes and monthly Legopalooza, constantly change. Photo Credit: Las Vegas Natural History Museum

The Las Vegas Zoo4. Las Vegas Zoo:  The zoo, thankfully, is a shady 3-acre park is located just 15 minutes northwest of the Las Vegas Strip. They have exhibits with over 150 species of plants and animals, such as endangered cats, parrots, wallabies, apes and more. And if you go to the Web site, you can get a $2.00 off child’s admission coupon. Again, you’re outside, so bring sunscreen! Photo Credit: Las Vegas Zoo

Shark Reef and Mandalay Bay5. Shark Reef Aquarium:  Mandalay Bay hotel houses an entire aquarium experience. Not only do you see a ton of exotic fish, reptiles and sea turtles, but you walk by them as you descend slowly into a sinking temple. How cool is that! Photo Credit:

shopping-style-malls-town-square6. Town Square Park

Found within the outdoor Town Square mall, the kids park in the center is a welcome haven after a long day of shopping and heat. You can sit down and relax and watch your kids run around in the water splash pad, tree house, an ivy maze, slides and more.  The bathrooms are right there and there is security at the entrance. What more can you ask for…oh and it’s free! And don’t forget to hop on the kids train before you leave! Photo Credit: Town Square via Facebook

siegfried3-lg7. Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat: Located in the Mirage Hotel, your little ones can come face-to-face with white lions, white tigers, panthers, leopards and bottlenose dolphins! And don’t forget to check out the 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium behind the front desk. Photo Credit:

8. Nevtrain5ada State Railroad Museum:

For all of your littles that love trains, here is a great destination. Only 30 minutes south of the Las Vegas strip, you and your kiddies can take a ride on a little piece of history. You can ride in an open car or in one of the air-conditioned Pullman coaches. Volunteers dress up in authentic railroad attire…how fun! The ride is seven miles round trip…about 45 minutes, so there is plenty of time for pics! Photo Credit: Nevada State Railroad Museum

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