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unGlue Offers Parents a Way to Manage Screen Time Easily

End the screen time battle, unGlue recently launched their app that empowers kids to use screen time wisely and makes it easy for parents to set limits and monitor usage. Its genius!

With settings like Entertainment Time you can bundle all of your kids apps and entertainment into one setting and designate their allowed “entertainment time” so that they can switch the screen off and move on to homework or reading a book. You can just set it up and then forget it, because unGlue does the monitoring for you.

As a parents, unGlue is helpful because  in addition to the above, it allows you to schedule or pause the internet and gives you an activity report. For kids its great because they can earn screen time by doing the chores on the chore list in the app, or manage their own time in the unGlue for Kids app. There’s even a time bank. Use screen time like a commodity and have them earn it! Kids get warnings when their time is almost up and they can see for themselves how much time they spent on different media. No more guessing as to how long they watched Minecraft videos on You Tube. Additional bonus – unGlue also blocks access to adult content and other undesirable content. They regularly update their database of red-flag sites.


You can start out by downloading the app on your phone. Or bump it up to a central hub in your home that manages all devices through your router. If you’re away from home unGlue can continue to monitor activity through a secure VPN server.

Security is key. As unGlue says “Safeguarding your family’s data and privacy are top priorities for us. Data received and sent via unGlue is always encrypted and secured in the same way that your online bank keeps your financial records safe. We only monitor devices you allow us to add, and no one will ever see the specific content your family is watching. unGlue only makes the names of websites and apps visible to you. And we’ll never sell or share their activity data with anyone, for any reason. Guaranteed.”

Founder and CEO Alon Shwartz launched unGlue to solve issues that were erupting in his own home. He has spoken with thousands of parents to understand screen time challenges and create solutions. Alon blogs regularly about parenting solutions on the unGlue blog and is a regular contributor to Medium.

In a recent post on Medium, Alon writes “Unlike the past generations, today’s children are growing up in a world completely immersed in technology. From refrigerators that create grocery lists to interactive toys to the vast ocean of the Internet, there is hardly an element of life that technology doesn’t touch. As a parent of three, I understand just how much technology can make parenting easier, but I have also seen firsthand how technology — especially screen time — can invite chaos into a house. When left without limits, children easily overuse screen time. Understanding the fundamental truths about kids and screen time overuse makes it easier to set the boundaries that children need.” Read more on Medium.

MomAngeles is hosting a panel discussion regarding Solving the Screen Time Battle on April 27 at 6:30pm with unGlue and Technology Expert Lori Getz. If you would like to attend email us


DISCLOSURE: MomAngeles is hosting an event for unGlue as part of a paid promotion. MomAngeles reached out to unGlue to work with them on the launch of this product because we feel very strongly about the positive solutions this app provides to families, empowering both parents and kids to manage screen time wisely.


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