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unGlue App Helps Manage Fortnite Play and Introduces Steps4Time

“Thank you unGlue!” This is what we keep hearing parents say. Since our last post about this incredible app that helps parents and kids manage and monitor screen time usage, they’ve implemented a number of new features.  With Summer just around the corner, parents need to be prepared for the devices to come out. Keep your kids from spending too much time on their screens by downloading and installing the unGlue app. unGlue monitors kids’ activities across any of their devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, or even Smart TVs. unGlue monitors use whether they are home, on Wi-Fi, or on the road on their cellular network or school’s Wi-Fi.

unGlue recently launched two new features to help you with Summertime screen overuse to include a gaming solution that helps manage Fortnite and Steps4Time, to reward kids for being active. 


If you have a tween or teen boy (or girl) you probably know about Fortnite. Install the PC solution on your kids computer and limit how much time they spend on Fortnite as well as and ANY other game they play: To learn more visit:



unGlue’s app includes a Steps4Time feature that rewards your kids with screen time for being active.  Motivating your kids to get moving isn’t hard when you have the right bargaining chips: screen time minutes. With Steps4Time, kids can trade daily steps for screen time. It’s an easy way for parents to get their kids up and out of the house — not just glued to their gadgets.

What else is there to love about unGlue?

The goal of unGlue is to help families find balance with their digital lives, to help teens understand the value of time and how to manage it. unGlue’s mission is to help prepare teens for the future, when they are out of the house.

Download the app:

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DISCLOSURE: unGlue is a client of MomAngeles Media.  At MomAngeles we do not post about anything we don’t love, so even partnerships are curated to ensure what we’re recommending comes from the heart.

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