UNFORGETTABLE: Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl, Plus Margaritas

This movie is Unforgettable. And that’s also, it’s title.

As a mom, my time is limited when it comes to watching movies. Unless it’s the 43rd time watching MOANA, I don’t get to watch a lot of films. Can you relate?

Unforgettable reminds us moms that we are grow women, who deserve grown-up entertainment (no offense Moana, I still love your girl-power message). Watching 1hr 40 minutes fly by reminded me that we are feminine, complex, sexy, driven, emotional, mama-bears who love passionately on every level and need to escape into fictional worlds that understand us, like this one, way more often.

The Unforgettable movie is like all your favorite TV Reality Show drama rolled up in one, and on steroids. In the film, I was admittedly first hooked in by the characters and the fashion- I can’t lie. The clothes are fantastic. So are the homes, the interior design and the esthetics in general. Then there’s the “Hot Dad”. (That’s how my girlfriend’s now refer to Geoff Stults. Eye candy.) Quickly the story takes hold of you, and you on on a wild ride. I mean, the movie starts with some news about a dead body being found, and right away I need to know what in the heck happened!

As it all unravels, Unforgettable becomes what I like to call FATAL ATTRACTION meets USUAL SUSPECTS, with a twist of MOMMY DEAREST, ran through a REAL HOUSEWIVES filter. The movie is everything smart about entertainment that us women love to watch, feel, and totally relate to. Cheers to us!

Unforgettable Moms

Here’s the movie in a shot glass:

Stylish handsome couple with cool house in LA divorce. Ex-husband hooks up with young hot trendy girlfriend. Brings her home to be his bride. Ex-wife is really REALLY jealous, and a tad unstable. You can probably guess what unfolds from here. And you are probably right. Now take those ideas you have in your head and multiply by a thousand percent. Toss in some very inappropriate social media etiquette, and anything you’ve every dreamt of doing for “revenge” then add margaritas. That’s Unforgettable.

Who’s team are you on, anyways?

There are two sides to this story and they are not as black and white. This is not a clear Super Hero-like battle between GOOD vs EVIL. It’s not a girl-fight between Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson. It’s all waaaaay deeper than that. I appreciate that Christina Hodson (Transformers spinoff “Bumblebee”) and Denise Di Novi (Edward Scissorhands, Heathers +more) understood we are more complicated than that. Denise told me she made sure the fight scenes were choreographed to show how women really battle.

Unforgettable Movie Cast

Katherine Heigl (far left), Denise Di Novi (middle), Rosario Dawson (far right) Geoff Stults (behind the ladies)

Throughout the story, I found myself cheering for both leading ladies, Tessa and Julia. The group of gals I went with agree. It was impossible not to find a little bit of yourself in both of them. Feeling sympathy and hostility toward both leads really messes with your mind. Just like the way the characters are messing with each other! The more I think about this movie, the more I think it’s so brilliant.

Does your mom let your kids call her “Grandma”?

We all know some women who don’t like to be called “Grandma”. Cheryl Ladd’s character prefers to be called “Lovey”. That is the first indicator as to what type of Mom she is for Tessa (Katherine Heigl). I’m guessing this family has been messed up for many generations. Cheryl told me that as an actress she believes Lovey’s cheating husband influenced her meddling in her daughter’s failed marriage. But even though Lovey is sort of evil, she believes that she is coming from a place of love. There is a story in the history of these ladies. An important backstory about love, survival, and adapting. It’s another whole layer of relationships that you might be able to relate to. I found it dead-on. So real. And what a performance by Cheryl Ladd! The way she plays Lovey is mesmerizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She can say so much with just one powerful silent look. It’s downright chilling.

And here’s the thing. The movie is just darn entertaining. You don’t have to get all philosophical to be excited about Unforgettable. As a woman in the industry and the founder of a foundation that promotes the advancement of women in this business, I have deep levels of respect for this movie and how it came about. I felt the same fire and passion about women in media when I interviewed Mom/Actress Rosario Dawson. When we sat together at the Four Seasons Hotel to discuss the picture, I felt moved to action by her intensity. I felt like she was aware of the up-hill climb women have had in Hollywood and she’s determined to keep it real when asked about it. Denise and Katherine said that it was a different on-set experience being directed by a woman. Shot in 31 days, it was intense, intimate, and something that maybe only women could have pulled off like this, without having to fight the “Male Gaze”.

Cheryl Ladd said that Director Denise Dinovi has CHANGED this industry by making this movie, and she doesn’t even realize just how much yet!

So there is power here. Written by a woman. Directed by an incredibly successful female producer. Dominated by two female powerhouse performances from Rosario & Katherine. The “girl power” is palpable.

But in the end, I hope you go see it because it’s just plain entertaining. You get your money’s worth. You will not be disappointed. I hope UNFORGETTABLE opens big & rakes in top numbers. I want it to make a bunch of money so the industry will make more movies like it. Simply put, I want this movie to be a win for women and a win for good movies. Unforgettable is well-made, smart, thrilling, & like nothing else out there right now. Enjoy a girls-night-out for crazy good fun (My crew was literally yelling at the screen in the theatre! “No!!! Don’t go in there!!” LOL), and reach out to me in the comments below to tell me all about your experience.

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