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Tech Savvy Gadgets Make Home Life Easier for Busy Parents

Tech Savvy Gadgets

I got to check out some incredibly cool tech including Google HomeTile Series and Tile AppLG Hom-Botand Anova Sous Vide  and at a recent lunch at Redbird hosted by our friends at Moms LA.  I was introduced to Suzanne Kantra, founder of Techlicious, a platform that serves as that friend you go to when you need advice about technology. Joining Suzanne at that luncheon was Blake Rouhani of the Consumer Technology Association*. Let me tell you, these ladies know tech!

Our lives are filled with busy moments, and every opportunity we have to make things faster, easier or more convenient is a bonus for busy parents. Technology is one of the ways we can do this. At the luncheon we were introduced to some incredible products and services. The first and most obvious of these was Google Home. Which I have to tell you, has been such an incredible resource in my kitchen since receiving one at the luncheon. I can ask about the weather, play music, get recipes, answer homework queries and so much more. Love this commercial from Google Home because it really helps you understand a multitude of way this technology improves your busy life.

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