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Tech Co Designed To Help Moms; HelloTech & Holden Penney

Is your number the first one your mom calls when she can’t figure out how to set up her new cable box, or sync her printer, or buy a new phone? Me too.

Welcome to a new stress-free way of life thanks to some smart people who want to take on mom’s tech-problems and yours too. It’s a website and an app, and it’s called HelloTech. If going to a website is too advanced, they have an old-school toll-free phone number too. It’s 1-888-982-4410 1-888-

It’s not just for your mom. I posted on Instagram the other day that using my new washer/dryer for the first time was like walking into a cockpit. I was actually afraid to do laundry.  (Which my husband was suspicious about. I’ve been known to be allergic to cleaning.)

Meet my new BFF Holden Penney who knows how to help me do te laundry, and help us do everything from set-up and install to troubleshooting and training of every tech gadget in the world. With a team of tech-savvy do-gooders HelloTech will help you (or your mom) with just a phone call or click away. HELLO TECH will be offering gift certificates very soon! Next time your parents call for tech help send them a gift certificate from HelloTech.

Special #MommyMonday tip: Go to the Perks Page for HelloTech and get the 1st hour FREE when you mention keyword: MOMANGELES

And let us know how you liked the interview and  the nice smart tech-helpers at HelloTech by tweeting me @KristinCruz. Now let’s all go call our parents and tell them about this!

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