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The Riveter Opens Female Forward Co-Working Spaces in LA

The Riveter just opened in West LA, offering LA women (and men) a new place to work and be part of a community.  The Riveter recognizes that women need options and a work environment where motherhood and work flexibility can thrive. That’s why there’s multiple membership options, flexibility to go up and down in your plans according to current needs and schedules, a room for nursing mothers and lots of educational and networking events.

The space is gorgeous! Filled with sunlight, clean and modern with a huge kitchen and plenty of meeting space, this is a welcoming environment! And its not just for women. The Riveter is a female-forward workspace that welcomes all genders because men are part of women owned businesses and the community too . CEO Amy Nelson likes to say that The Riveter is “built by women for all mankind.”

Memberships include invitations to events and access to conference rooms. You can book a floating desk, permanent desk and your own private office. There’s a couple left…but not for long. You can also host your event at The Riveter. They rent the space out for events. Want to try it out?  Get a complimentary day pass and see for yourself why The Riveter is the place to be.

Future locations are already in the works in the Marina Del Rey /Playa Vista area and West Hollywood. Affordable, flexible and welcoming these venues are just what we’ve been looking for! I just joined! Hope to see you at The Riveter next time I’m there.



[ The Riveter is a client of NIX|GERSON productions a division of MomAngeles Media however this is not a paid post. Laura Nix Gerson is a member of The Riveter community and a fan!]

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