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Open Season 4 Made us the Coolest Moms EVAH!

Open Season 4

Kristin and I live and work in LA, so we have the chance to bring our kids to some really fantastic behind the scenes events – basically making us the coolest moms ever.

We kicked our coolness up a notch with the Sony Animation screening of “Open Season 4,” the aptly named fourth video in the Open Season series.

Here’s how it went down:

First, a fun hang on the Sony Animation studio lot with kids and early morning coffee (Kristin made a new friend.) 

Then a screening of the film in which our kids are CLEARLY having an awful time:


Then came the fun Hollywood insider part; a tour of the offices and meet and greet with the cast and crew. It started with a visit to the VO booth with Melissa Sturm who gave us all a little lesson in voice over acting:

Then came some insight into creating an animated film from lead editor Maurissa Horwitz:

Giggles and chats followed with voice actor William Townsend:

And then some FOOD FOOD FOOD with some special friends:

And finally a drawing of Mr. Weenie for my son by the director David Feiss:


What a blast! The movie was cute, nothing new compared to the previous 3, but fun enough for kids and a couple of laughs for the grownups.

I don’t love guns in my family movies, so the Open Season hunting scenes are bound to rub me the wrong way. However, this was tame compared to most and certainly good for a Netflix and Chill kind of night at home with your kids.

As for my household, we’ve seen it twice now. Which, when combined with this super fun day, makes us officially the coolest moms EVAH.

Open Season 4 comes to DVD and streaming beginning March 8th.




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