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“Mother’s Day Movie” – For All the Single Ladies?

Mother's DayMother’s Day is no longer just for the “traditional” family of Mom, Dad, 2.5 kids, and an adorable dog. Mothers, and families, come in all different forms and arrangements, and the film “Mother’s Day” embraces all of them.

The film, which opens nationwide on April 29th, is another in the series of holiday themed movies by Garry Marshall. The entertainment icon is one of the most beloved directors and actors in Hollywood, but what does he know about motherhood? Especially in all of its different forms? More than you might think.

“Mother’s Day” features several different storylines, including a set of lesbian parents, an interracial marriage, adoption, and divorced parents trying to negotiate new relationships while putting the kids first.

The movie itself is not new in scriptwriting or formula, we have seen many of these jokes and plotlines before, but the characters themselves are refreshing.

Jennifer Aniston takes the lead in the film as a divorced mother of two managing her ex’s remarriage to a young lady with minimal parenting skills. It is really lovely to see a divorced couple somewhat amicable and doing their best to be good parents, and it visibly moved many of the single moms in the audience to see themselves well represented.

Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson also have their own storylines, as well as a well rounded supporting cast of female heavy-hitters representing mother’s with troubles of their own.

I got to experience an amazing day with The MOMS and a ton of incredible MomBloggers at a screening of the film, and at the talkback afterwards we were able to chat with Garry Marshall himself. He stated that with the more complex relationship of parents who have divorced and possibly remarried, he wanted explore the idea of staying positive and believing that there are situations where that could work out for all parties. He also talked about creating films for women and mothers that would appeal to them by telling their stories. Not bad for a male director, husband and grandfather.

So is “Mother’s Day” the greatest movie of all time? No. But is it a great Netflix and chill? You betcha. Especially for all those hard working, single mothers and parents of all combinations, doing their best to raise a happy family.

Find out more about the film “Mother’s Day” at @SeeMothersDay on social media, and while you are there look for me @nickerberger #BestofLA. Don’t forget @momangeles and @theMOMS too!



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