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Monster Truck Movie: For Kids Only

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What do you get when you cross E.T., Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang, and Garage Monkey? You get Monster Truck!

This movie is made for one crowd only-8 year old (boys, most likely). They will LOVE it. You, however, will not.

The story is cliche, featuring the classic “handsome but brooding” teenage boy who just doesn’t fit in except in a garage. He makes an unlikely friendship with another cliche, the intelligent and mischievous lost creature from underground who just wants to make his way home.

The other classic supporting parts include the perky girl with a crush (why she would like a boy that is altogether rude and ungrateful her is beyond me-but the concept has sent many a gal to therapy,) the under appreciated stepfather, the big bad meany oil executive, etc etc…

Seen it. Really seen it.

The monster can’t get around easily except in, wait for it, a MONSTER TRUCK! Get it? So that way they can show what felt like dozens of truck chases and car crashes to gleeful delight of little ones but serious pain to adults.

I know, I sound like a grump, but there are only so many of these kinds of films I can handle.

BUT, this film isn’t for me. It’s for my kids. And when I asked my 8 year old son what he thought he replied “This is the best movie I have ever seen!” So, it hits its intended audience in all the right spots. Plus there was nothing beyond tons of car crashes that I found questionable for children so that is a major plus.

And, as a refreshing change from most kid films, there were no poop jokes. And I, for one, appreciate that.

So go, if you must, and let the kids enjoy the movie while you spend your time mentally balancing your checkbook or sneakily checking Facebook. At least they will be happy.

Monster Truck is open in theaters nationwide. Visit the website for info.


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SEE COMMON SENSE MEDIA’S REVIEW:  Parents need to know that Monster Trucks is a sometimes-tense adventure about Tripp (Lucas Till), a brave teen who befriends a huge, newly discovered creature that consumes oil. Despite its size, the tentacled creature, which is dubbed “Creech,” is cuter than he is frightening. There’s gun violence (including kids being shot at), crashes/destruction, deadly threats, and high-stakes car chases, as well as a couple of apparent deaths and scary special ops agents. But most of the movie is fine for young elementary schoolers who enjoy cars, animals, and a combination of the two. And the film’s messages promote teamwork, environmental stewardship, protecting animal habitats, and realizing there are things more important than profit and status. Romance is limited to flirting, hand holding, and a couple of quick hugs; language is mostly insults/crude comments like “loser,” “junkyard dog,” “took a dump,” etc.

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