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Momspiration: GRockLA’s Goli Agai

We keep seeing them everywhere, these really cool custom name rings that our friend Goli started making a few years ago. It seemed like overnight they are in great demand, even the celebrities are wearing them. But its no wonder, because it’s Goli’s sense of style and outgoing personality that have made her company GRockLA a big success! You can find many of her rings, earrings, custom cuffs, bracelets and necklaces online but to find her latest designs, you gotta follow her on Instagram. Goli’s Instagram posts are a sensation! In just a short amount of time she has amassed more than 12,000 followers who want to “get a little piece” of GRock…if only her sense of humor and witty banter. We love the sayings she posts! We recently sat down with Goli and asked her a few questions.

MA: When did you start GRock LA?
GG:  GRock LA was founded in 2012 on my  dining room table in West LA and has quickly grown into a couture jewelry shoppe, catering to personal clients, musicians, artists and independent boutiques across the United States.

MA: What inspired you to start it? What made you go from an idea to a business?<
GG:  I started stringing gems and beads together to match outfits in my closet … friends took quick notice, and soon after I started designing and personalizing custom pieces for them. That is when I realized this could become a real business, putting something out into the marketplace that people were genuinely connecting to.

MA: What were your first steps?
GG:  My first steps were trying to figure our what type of market I wanted to create for. In the beginning, all of my pieces were made by hand personally and made for people that I was connected to personally … so the fun part was the creation process and collaborating with friends. Looking back, there were so many times I tried something new. And each time I learned something different about the way I wanted my collection to grow.

MA:  You have an amazing following and have been so successful in such a short time, what do you attribute that to?
GG: I consider myself very fortunate that my brand was received so beautifully by my surroundings and community. My family, friends and the amazing connections I have made throughout this journey are the top reasons for my success. I also think social Media has been an amazing outlet for my business. I have been able to showcase my work on several platforms such as Instagram , facebook and twitter and well, it’s instant! People see things that they love and then they call me to order a piece. Jewelry is such a connected, deeply personal experience and I love making those connections – instantly! – with people near and far. Only having launched my website a few weeks ago these social media sites have definitely aided in my fast-track of success.

MA: What’s your one nugget of inspiration you would pass on to other Moms regarding parenting? regarding starting a business?
GG: My one nugget of inspiration would be to simply believe in yourself. So many people have great ideas, but never do anything about them,. If have persistence and believe in your brand and love what you do, amazing things can come from it.

MA: What is your mantra?
GG: Your greatness is not what you have. Its what you give.

GRockLA is a #PerksPartner. To see perk offered visit their listing on this site.

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