Lulla Doll Helps Newborns Sleep

Lulla Doll is an innovative new product by RoRo that brings the closeness and comfort of mom to preemies, newborns and toddlers. Its soft and snuggly, it smells good, it even sounds like mom (or dad) mimicking the feel of being close to a parent with heartbeat and breathing sounds. The doll is designed to be gender neutral to appeal to all babies and is scientifically proven to improve sleep. It has received rave reviews from numerous publications including Fast Company.

“When the Lulla doll hit the market in 2016, it sold out within two weeks of its release, prompting eBay bidding wars that drove up the price of the $69 doll to $665. These bidders were likely exhausted new parents, who would do anything to get a few more hours of shut-eye.” – Fast Company


At least year’s LA Baby Show, I was so impressed with this product I decided to try it out with my new nephews. Lulla Doll sent us a doll and we took turns with each of the twins, letting them hold the doll and sleep with it. One of the twins really took to it,  but it wasn’t for both of them. So our “focus group” was split 50 /50 but I still think those are great odds.



The company that developed the dolls spent years on research and studies. 73% of parents who used the doll said their babies slept better with the Lulla Doll. So why wouldn’t we try it out? Anything for better sleep. Especially something as delightful as the Lulla Doll!





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