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LA Family Spring Tradition at Knott’s Berry Farm “Boysenberry Festival”

IMG_3306Our family takes full advantage of being local to so many unique theme parks & eateries, like the kid-friendly destination: Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s (as SoCal residents call it) used to be a real farm. Now, it’s a sprawling fun park that truly has something for everybody in the family.

Mom loves: Everything is so convenient at Knott’s, start to finish. Parking is nearby and there are always nice Knott’s employees directing cars & helping pedestrians cross. I love that. Then along our little walk to the front gate, I get to window shop the cutest stores & bakery. After entering the park, we always say YES! to a complimentary snapshot of the family, then we hang a right towards Camp Snoopy. The children’s area is designated to the little ones. It feels safe & a bit separated from the rest of the park. We also don’t have to walk far or through areas with adult rides in order to get there. As a mom, I appreciate that family-friendly layout.

Dad loves: The food. My hubs Fireman Matt is a BBQ guy. Naturally we eat lunch at Fireman’s Brigade for Ribs & Chicken. There are quite a few delicious indoor and outdoor dining options in that area. We always eat there, then top it off with a dessert that we MUST get every time. Log Ride Funnel Cake with powdered sugar & boysenberry topping. Stick a fork in me, because I’m done. (Are you wondering about their classic fried chicken dinners? Just a heads-up, the Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant is under construction for a short time. You can walk up & grab a box Mrs. Knott’s secret recipe, to-go.)

Little Brother loves: Rides that are just his size! Camp Snoopy has loads of rides that my little guy can step onto with a big ol’ smile on his face. His favorite right now is the spinning boat ride called Lucy’s Tug Boat. His 1st ever “roller coaster” was the Timberline Twister. I totally went on it with him. (It was just my speed too.) All the thrills & excitement a 4 year old is looking for. And we always make a stop in Peppermint Patty’s Candy & Souvenirs Shop before heading over to watch a show at The Camp Snoopy Theatre.

Big Sister loves: Face painting! After a couple of rides & the Rubber Ducky Game (Everyone is a winner!), we always take a rest in the shade for an epic Face Painting! My daughter Izzy requests to be transformed into a Tiger every time. We love catching a snapshot of her in the carseat on our way home, holding a souvenir & sleepy soundly in full face paint after another fun-filled family day at Knott’s Berry Farm. #bestofmoments

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