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Mommy Greenest: Is Heritage Turkey Worth It?

heritage-thanksgiving-turkey-mommy-greenest-photo-600So you’re gearing up for Thanksgiving, the time when supermarkets practically—and sometimes, literally—give away turkeys in order to get you to shop in their stores. And unless you’re preparing for a vegan holiday meal, you’ll need to get your poultry order in stat. But then you look at the prices: This time of year, conventional turkeys can be purchased for as little as $.39 per pound, while at Williams Sonoma, a heritage turkey can ring up at nearly $200. Is it worth the price?

“I think an organic heritage turkey is worth the investment. It’s free of pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics and GMOs—and it tastes better, too.” – Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff of Mommy Greenest

It comes down to more than taste. According to Consumer Reports, conventionally raised turkeys may be given daily doses of antibiotics to increase weight gain and prevent disease. And as I’ve shared in the past, a full 80% of antibiotics are given to factory farmed animals like these, which result in antibiotic-resistant bacteria that now affect more than two million Americans and kill more than 23,000 people each year. READ THE REST ON MOMMY GREENEST >>

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