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iPhone and iPad Apps – Shoparatti

For Moms:iPhone and iPad Apps – Shoparatti

Yahoo! Am finally getting around to reviewing an App. 

Ladies, if you are tired of trolling through all of the emails and deal sites to find the best online shopping deals, a solution has appeared. Shoparatti pulls from all of the online shopping sites to find the best deals of the day. No more flipping from Gilt Group to Hautelook to RueLaLa, Shoparatti does it all for you! Online, Editor-in-Chief, Melissa Rivers curates the four best daily deals each day and shares them with savvy discount driven shoppers via, Newsfeed posts via Facebook and an iPhone app.

The App is particularly easy because it limits itself to 5 top picks, featuring a ticking clock of how long the deal will be active and a link to the online deal. Get the App on iTunes. Check out the website at or follow them on Twitter @shoparatti.


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