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Interview with Rosie Pope…Mom of 3, Entrepreneur, Bravo Star and now Published Author

Rosie Pope

Rosie Pope…Mom of 3, Entrepreneur, Bravo Star and now Published Author… was in town recently to promote her new book Mommy IQ at a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Calabasas. She took a few minutes to tell MomAngeles about the book and give us some advice for working Moms.

Rosie answered a lot of tough questions at  the book signing with grace and humor. She gave us a little insight into what takes place behind the scenes of her quickly growing brand and even a little peek into Bravo! Sorry you missed it ladies….it was good scoop!

Afterwards the book, Mommy IQ, and I hit the local Ralphs for a late night grocery run. You know, because a Mom’s work is never done, and we were out of “wheat-ins” at my house (this is a tasty little wheat cracker that is often mispronounced but none-the-less delicious), so I had to go.

When I got home I cracked open the book. Because Rosie was so lovely and her picture on the cover very inviting and I figured if the book was even slightly as funny as she is that it would be a great read. And it was! Funny….AND a great read!  Ladies…she addresses questions never seen before in a standard pregnancy guide…hair dye….she addresses whether or not to dye your hair. We all ask…how come no one really ever answers that question. According to Rosie its fine because only a tiny bit of the dye is ever absorbed by your scalp. Other not-seen-before topics include why your feet grow, the line you get on your belly from your belly button to “Queen Victoria” (leave it to the Brits to name our sexual parts after royalty), tips from men called “Murmurs from the Mancave,” and insight from fitness expert Andrea Orbeck and world renowned pediatrician Dr. Amos Grunebaum. All in all a terrific fun guide to pregnancy. Congrats Rosie on the new book!

And in case you didn’t know, there is now a Rosie Pope Maternity Store on Montana Ave in Santa Monica where you can take MomPrep Classes and shop for fashionable maternity wear.

Oh…and a special THANK YOU to Beth Kandell of Simply Fine Gourmet for being our camera operator (iPhone holder) for the video interview. Simply Fine Gourmet is a food delivery company featuring grass fed, antibiotic free meat, poultry, fish and entrees flash frozen (for quick thawing convenience) and delivered right to your door. Stock your freezer with something healthy! Get $15 off your first package order with promo code “momangeles15” when you order online!  This is just one of the MANY deals you can get when you join the MomAngeles Mommy Club!

Contributed by Laura Nix Gerson chief MomAngeleno, insomniac, Mom to one four year old and two pugs. Happiest when writing or eating chocolate. Loves everything about LA! Also writes for CBS Local LAHollywood Hot Moms, and Moms LA.


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