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I love this Totz toothbrush!!

OMG ladies have you tried this toothbrush? Of all the different kids brushes I have tried, this is by far the best! I love how soft it is and the flat shape of the head makes it easy to fit in little mouths. It also seems to be much more comfortable of a brushing experience for my daughter. And its bisphenol free, the bristles are 100% castor bean vegetable based nylon, and the packaging is made from recycled paper products. I have only been able to find it on Amazon or at Vitamin Shoppe. Worth the shipping!

• Signature RADIUS® Bristles – 6,800 premium extra soft bristles
• FDA approved and Bisphenol- A Free – safe for Totz surfacing teeth and sensitive gums
• Handle Tapered for Parents and Totz – Provides Maximum Control and Guidance
• RADIUS® Oval Head – designed without corners for Totz delicate gums and teeth
• Pressure-less Brushing – cushioned bristle layout spreads force evenly

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