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Great Schools Finder App for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

For Moms:Great Schools Finder App for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Quell some of your school-searching anxiety with the GreatSchools Finder app from Found your dream house but don’t know if the school quality is dreamy too? Can’t decide if it’s worth it to enter the lottery for the public school out of your area? Or if it’s really worth it to forge ahead with a private school education and it’s cost?

This free app lets you search schools in your or other communities across the country, great if you’re contemplating a move. You can search by the GreatSchools rating, the nation’s most trusted independent source of performance information, parent reviews, test scores and more to get a comprehensive profile. You can save schools to a favorites list, share with family and friends and filter your choices by a number of factors including enrollment size and district. The app also lets you assess the best schools for your family both for now and the future.

Contributed by Editor, Susanna Morgan, who while utterly professional on MomAngeles, uses Not June as her forum to “let the pearls come off.

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