Go Greek Yogurt Open in Beverly Hills

photo (37)Simply delightful. That’s what it is. An innovative, delicious, and incredibly fun new food concept just opened in Beverly Hills. Love Greek yogurt and Greek coffee? You’re in luck. “Go Greek Yogurt is made in Greece and flown directly to us here in Los Angeles. The reason they go through this painstaking process is because the yogurt just comes out better this way. The owners come from Greece and expect a taste and quality of Greek Yogurt which is not available here in the States.”

I am quoting them here because they have truly said it best. Their yogurt is delicious. When you arrive at their lovely Greek style location you have the choice of 0%, 2% or whole milk Greek yogurt and an array of sweet and savory toppings I simply can’t capture here. The quince, tart cherries, sugared carrots and fresh dates and figs were my favorites. But I also loved that you could select savory combinations of olives, cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs. Who knew Greek yogurt with olive oil was so delicious?

After trying a number of yogurt combinations I moved on to the frozen yogurt. WOW. That was the most delicious, rich and natural tasting frozen yogurt I’ve tried to date. And then I added dates….and goji berries…and nuts…and yes they have every type of fruit you can imagine too.

But not to be undone, the Greek coffee arrived next. Bold and topped with a creamy, steamed milk and cinnamon combination, I was still trying to get the last few drops out on my way to the car. Thank you to Alexandra Bower, the Beverly Hills Mom and to Go Greek Yogurt for my invite this morning. What a great way to start the day.  And to Billy Zane who agreed to pose in a picture with all of us Mom bloggers but for technical reasons the pictures didn’t come through. He still gets kudos for agreeing to it.


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