Get Help Buying or Leasing a New Car with Zad Cars

carsI hate car shopping. I think its the most boring way to spend a day.  Visiting dealerships. Checking out cars. Test driving them. I wish someone else would just do all of it for me! Some genie must’ve heard my wish because my friend Mariya emailed me recently to let me know that she and her husband, who loves cars and has worked in dealerships for many years, have launched a service that does all the legwork for you. Their business, Zad Cars, is a car buying and leasing consulting service. Personal car shoppers just for you. And your initial consultation is FREE.

Zing! This is so amazing. They work with over 40 different car brands and dealerships throughout the greater Los Angeles area. They will source your new or used car, negotiate your rates and even arrange pickup or delivery. Wondering about safety rating and best cars for families? Mariya has already done the research. Check out this cute video of Mariya explaining how it works! Thanks Zad Cars. What a great idea!

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