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Estate Planning Made Easier with Tatiyants Law PC

Planning for our children’s future is something we do even before they are born, yet so many of us put off planning for our own future. We set up savings accounts and education funds, we research and apply to the best schools, we find the right pediatricians and best after school camps and classes, but do we take the time to think about worst case scenarios?  Planning for “what if” is never pleasant but it is very important. 

My husband and I recently met with attorney Sona Tatiyants of Tatiyants Law, PC at her office in Glendale to (finally) do our estate planning. Planning for the “what ifs” is something we knew we needed to do but kept finding reasons to put it off.  One of those reasons was the daunting process of finding the right attorney. I met Sona through our Mommy blogger network and was so impressed by her warmth and the way she put me at ease in her presence. We started talking and I realized I finally met an attorney who understood my concerns and could help us with our putting things in order. Sona is a Mom with two young children, which really helped us relate.  So we made the trip to her office on a Saturday afternoon and got our ducks in a row!

The first thing I loved about working with Sona is her welcoming and adorable office that totally puts you at ease. And its so organized. She has these custom 3-ring binders on her shelves that she sends to every client at the end of the planning process with all the documents inside. When we first started talking, I thought we were just going to do our wills, but Sona educated us on the importance of creating a family trust as well. Family trusts aren’t just for wealthy people on tv shows. Your home and everything in it are assets that you need to protect and designate an heir.  If a “what if” situation were to take place, your will and family trust are the things that ensure that decisions regarding your children and your estate are determined by you and not by a court of law.

To help expedite the process Sona’s assistant sent us a questionnaire to fill out ahead of time. Then at her office she walked us through it making sure we understood the questions and she understood our answers.  Things like what type of burial we prefer, guardianship of our daughter and allocation of assets. After the initial meeting, which was about an hour, Sona’s assistant sent us the legal documents to review. We scheduled a Skype meeting to go over them together and then followed up with a final meeting at her office where we signed the documents.  Aside from making some big decisions, it was a very efficient and fairly easy process. Sona is also a corporate attorney and can help with business incorporation and legal matters. Which was really helpful for both my husband and I as we own our own businesses, and our businesses played into our decisions with our estate planning.

Tatiyants Law has offices in Sherman Oaks and Glendale. Sona Tatiyants is also available via email and Skype, if meeting in person isn’t an option. Sona also works to accommodate working parents schedules by offering some evening and weekend appointments.

Hear Sona in person! Sona Tatiyants is speaking at The Pump Station with Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs, CEO of Quantum Insurance Services, on the topic of planning for the “what ifs” this month. For more information or to register to attend go to The Pump Station & Nurtury website  June 5th at 7pm in Santa Monica and June 12th at 6:30pm in Hollywood.

Attention Mommy Card members!  The Pump Station & Nurtury is offering 20% off all purchases when you arrive for the event (does not include Classes, Support Groups, Consultations, Pump Rentals, Honest Company products, Plum Food, or previously marked down items).

And Tatiyants Law PC offers all Mommy Card members a FREE Estate Planning Audit (a $500 value) to examine your goals and values about transferring your wealth to loved ones. If you decide to move forward, she will offer you 10% off of all estate planning packages. Be sure to mention MomAngeles when you call to make your initial appointment.

*The Pump Station & Nurtury and  Tatiyants Law PC are participating members with the MomAngeles Mommy Card program.

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