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Catch the Hatch!

Did you know that the chile is not native to America? That’s right. Christopher Columbus discovered the chile in the Caribbean and took it back to Spain where it went through years of hybridization and eventually made its way…


Cherry the Hamster Visits the Vet

Cherry the hamster isn’t feeling very well. We haven’t seen Cherry run on her wheel or heard her chewing on seeds in a few days. We coaxed our little friend out of her cage the other day and noticed she…


Best of LA: Adopt a Pet!

We aren’t just parents, we are pet owners too. Our pets are a vital part of our family. They bring joy to our home and our hearts and enrich our family experience. Pets come from a variety of places…


The Annual Honda Pet Adoptions are Here!

Did you know: In California, over 500,000 companion animals are euthanized each year because they don¹t have homes? In an effort to help SoCal¹s two-legged residents find new four-legged friends, the SoCal Honda Dealers and the Guys in Blue are hosting…