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CareLuLu Helps Finding Day Care and Pre School Solutions Easier

carelulu teamI recently had someone text me and ask me if we had a good list of preschools and daycare centers we could recommend to parents. While we do list pre-schools, daycare options are an elusive entity unto themselves. We think its really important that you get references and reviews of your daycare  just like you do with your kids schools. So along came CareLuLu to solve this problem.

CareLuLu was co-founded by parents, Patrick Matos and Evgeniya Usmanova, after they experienced firsthand the challenge of finding a daycare for their own daughters. When they went online to find nearby child care programs, they were surprised to find no single place where we could easily find information and compare options. They spent hours calling dozens of places to gather information, and in the end, they had to visit 16 child care centers. There had to be a better way! The parents teamed up with co-founder and CTO Gabriel Marques to build a platform that simplifies the daycare and preschool search process. CareLuLu launched inAugust 2013 in Washington D.C.

What exactly is CareLuLu? CareLuLu is an online marketplace that connects parents with licensed child care and preschool programs.The platform features a personalized search to help parents find the perfect daycare in terms of budget, hours, age of their child, or even something as specific as a peanut-free environment if their child is allergic. CareLuLu also provides detailed information on child care providers such as tuition, teaching philosophy, photos, and parent reviews.

If you’re looking for a reliable info on daycare and preschool options check out CareLuLu. You can also see our growing list of  the Best of LA preschools.

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