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Capture End of the Year Memories with Artkive

Schools out for Summer and your kids probably came home with bags full of completed school projects and artwork. Don’t store it all in a plastic bin labeled “3rd Grade” in the garage until they get home from college, Artkive it! Artkive, the app we love because you can upload photos of your kids art and turn it into printed books has a new service – the Artkive Box. Using one of Artkive’s boxes, you ship everything you want photographed to them and they do all the work for you. And right now you can get $20 off an Artkive Box purchase valid through 6/31 with code MOMANGELES.



It works like this….

  • 1) They send you an empty Artkive box (or boxes if you ordered more than one)
  • 2) You fill the Box with your children’s artwork using the included Sort and Label sheet, and send it back to Artkive using the prepaid UPS shipping label.
  • 3) Once they receive the Box, they professionally photograph and crop/edit the art so that every piece looks fantastic.
  • 4) Your art is loaded into your Artkive account, organized by child and age.
  • 5) You access your custom book proofs via the Artkive website to make edits and finalize your book.
  • 6) If you choose to have your artwork returned, they will send back your Box. Otherwise, the artwork will be recycled.



If you aren’t quite sure the Artkive Box is for you (you’re hesitant to mail all your kids items away), you can always save images of your kids artwork in the app and order a printed book that way. But who has time really? I’d do an Artkive Box! The folks at Artkive take great are with your memories. They will make sure to document everything and then return it to you safely if you want to store them in that container in the garage. But really the books take care of all of that.

DISCLAIMER: Artkive is a paid partner of MomAngeles. All of our partnerships are hand-picked and curated for you. We only work with companies we truly love.


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