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Camp Kesem and Susan’s Magic Makers Change the Lives of Children Whose Families Have Been Affected by Cancer

kesem-camp-songsCancer ravages the body but it also ravages the soul. It takes a toll not only on its victim, but it makes victims of those closest to them. Loved ones bear the hardship of cancer as well, watching their family member suffer, struggle to overcome this terrible disease and cheerlead, support and care for the person affected. Children are often on the sidelines. No longer the center of attention, they participate in the caretaking, coaching and sometimes the vigil of their parent who is no longer able to focus all of their care on their child. This experience is isolating and often frightening to children and sadly, children often get forgotten in the overwhelming experience that is cancer.

Enter Camp Kesem. a sleep-away camp specifically designed so that kids of parents with cancer can find a place of solace, joy and unity when going through this difficult time. With 1.7 million cancer cases a year in the United States, there are more than 3 million kids affected by a parent’s cancer and Camp Kesem recognizes and embraces this often-overlooked population of children. Because they don’t appear sick, their needs are often over looked and they suffer quietly, leading to academic, social, emotional, and developmental problems.

More than 3 million children live with a parent with cancer

Many more children have lost a parent to cancer.

This summer, Camp Kesem will provide life-changing summer camp experiences for over 3,800 childrenby empowering 1,800 student leaders at 54 chapters across the country.

Since Camp Kesem started in 2000, we have shared life-changing  “magic” with over 11,352 children and provided unparalleled leadership opportunities for over 6,642 student leaders.

This past weekend over 400 people gathered in Santa Monica for an event hosted by Susan’s Magic Makers to raise money for Camp Kesem to insure that thousands of kids will have the opportunity to find joy and find friends in an otherwise challenging and scary time in their lives. Torry and Terence Holt of the Holt Brothers Foundation were at the event to show their support and hand over their checkbook to support the cause. We heard from a mother and her son how their experience with Camp Kesem was a turning point for them in their healing process after losing their husband and father to cancer.

We at MomAngeles are so glad there’s an organization out there like Camp Kesem to bring a little joy back into the lives of these kids. We hope you will continue the fundraising effort and make a donation to Camp Kesem this week! Every dollar counts.  Click here for information and to make a donation. 

Here’s some pics from the event in case you want to go next year! It was gorgeous! Get tickets for next year’s event online at

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