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#BusyParentApps: Washos, Car Wash and Detail Service That Comes to You

washos babyMy car reeked. No seriously, reeked. When your kid warns you they are going to throw up and you buckle them in anyway, think twice. I didn’t move fast enough and my car seats, her car seat, the floor boards and even the front seat bore the consequences.I cleaned up the best I could, bustled us both home, made her comfy and tucked her in bed and went back downstairs to attempt to clean the vomit out of my car. I gave up.

Knowing I was going to be at work all day the next day and my car was going to be cooking in the hot sun, with the traces of today’s episode in it, I immediately started looking for an app for a car cleaning service. I mean, there’s on demand services for everything these days so there’s gotta be one for car detailing. I found it in minutes.

Washos was super easy to use. I downloaded the app, created an account, picked my service and added my address. Time options popped up and I was able to schedule in a window of time that worked for me. I even added on carpet cleaning and cleaning the kids car seat. All in one service. The customer service couldn’t have been better. I immediately received a confirmation email and text. I was sent a reminder closer to my appointment and after the service was completed they followed up asking how they did.

At 11am the day after the “incident” one of Washos technicians appeared at my office and cleaned every inch of my car inside and out. I was super impressed that they can equipped with their own water tank and sprayer to fully wash my car, right there in the parking lot!  The car seat has never been cleaner. My car hasn’t been this clean since the day I got it. Thank you Washos!  I only hope I can keep it this clean for a while.

See Washos listing on our site for more details. 


#OnDemand and #BusyParentApps is a regular column on MomAngeles featuring on demand services that make busy parents lives easier. 


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