toddler classes

toddler classes

Bee Planet
Business Name: Bee Planet
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Beeplanet’s Parent and Me play program is designed so that you and your child can explore, play and learn about music, movement, art, nature, fantasy, sports, and more, all at your own pace and in your own way.
As your child gets older, Beeplanet Playschool provides a gentle, transitional, drop-off playschool that allows your child to separate seamlessly, learn adaptive behaviors, become potty-trained, gain interdependence, and grow social and cognitive skills at their own pace and in their own way with a 2/3:1 ratio to secure a trusting bond.
In addition, Beeplanet’s Customized Babysitting Service lets Beeplanet come home with you with an amazing staff of professional, play friends to respect the rhythm and flow of your home while you enjoy a break.
Beeplanet’s goal is to provide a beautiful, safe, and nurturing environment that engages and inspires the individual growth of your child, as well as his or her sense of wonderment. 

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Business Address: P.O. Box 1521, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Books and Cookies
Business Name: Books and Cookies
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BOOKS AND COOKIES is a Children’s Bookstore, Enrichment Center and Event Space. The unique design of the Books and Cookies space makes it a safe and relaxing environment for the whole family – with the goal of bringing wonder and excitement back to reading and learning. The space is divided into three areas: The Bookstore/Interactive Reading Room, The Enrichment Center and new Indoor / Outdoor Learn and Play area and Event Space.
THE BOOKSTORE / INTERACTIVE READING ROOM is a sun-filled room stocked with both classics and new, contemporary must-reads for babies to tweens. The space is completely kid friendly with plenty of places to curl up and get lost in the pages of a book. We allow the families to pull the books down off the shelves to read because it is so important to fall in love before you chose which titles to take home. We just want to remind you to read gently!​
In the mornings and afternoons, our ENRICHMENT CENTER is filled to the brim with parents and smiling little ones joining in on our caregiver-and-me activities. From daily story times to music classes, arts & crafts and wiggle worm fitness, our activities foster learning, fun and family interaction.
A unique aspect of our new location is the indoor / outdoor LEARN & PLAY AREA. With 600 shaded square feet outside and another 200 square feet inside, children will have the opportunity to read books in a teepee, build with blocks, make believe and play dress up, dance with bubbles, splash in our water table and climb our beautiful play structure hosted by CEDAR WORKS  This unique space allows children to building critical thinking, gross motor and sensory skills in a safe, enclosed area.
Check out their online schedule for a complete list of classes, sctivities and events.
Let BOOKS AND COOKIES plan your child’s next birthday party and make it one that they will never forget! Storytelling… Parachute Play… Crafts, and more! Our staff will do all the work so you can kick back and relax while your child celebrates. Oh, and you don’t even have to clean up afterwards! We also host playgroups, baby showers, charity events, company parties, and more!
Books and Cookies was started by Chudney Ross, a successful writer, teacher, TV host and entrepreneur. One of her more recent projects was writing a children’s book series, Bean’s Books, the first of which came out in the summer of 2012. Mary Giuliani, CEO of Mary Giuliani Catering & Events in NYC, is also a partner of the shop.

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Business Phone Number: 310-362-3103
Business Address: 2309 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
The Play Destination
Business Name: The Play Destination
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The Play Destination (formerly called MyParty Playhouse) is an indoor playground and birthday party space for children 6 years old and younger, with comfortable seating and modern décor for parents. The space offers kids a clean, safe environment to play and is equipped with indoor play equipment, bounce house, interactive games and other mentally and physically stimulating activities. We also offer parenting and educational classes.
Unlike other indoor playgrounds, The Play Destination also caters to the parents and offers modern décor, music that parents can enjoy, coffee, free Wi-Fi, magazines, and plenty of comfortable seating. At The Play Destination, parents can simply relax, read, complete tasks, meet up with friends on a play date or socialize with other parents.
The goal of The Play Destination is to not only provide a clean, safe, and fun place for kids, but to also cater to parents who constantly try to provide the best for their kids. The Play Destination created a space that would allow parents the opportunity to bring their children and let them play freely in a clean and safe environment, while being able to sit back and relax in a modern and comfortable setting.
In addition to offering a space for general play, The Play Destination offers the ability for parents to reserve the space for private parties. Unlike other indoor playgrounds, the entire space is reserved for only one private party (no sharing the space with other parties and no transferring from one room to another). Please see Rates and Parties section for additional detail.

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Business Phone Number: (818) 292-8644
Business Address: 28501 Canwood Street, Suite 3E Agoura Hills, CA 91301