Carine Camara Women’s Health

I am a firm believer that the body can heal itself when energetic blockages and toxins are removed, it is given proper nutrition and supplements, as well as shifting your mindset and lifestyle. I specialize in women’s health: general, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, general men’s health, chronic illness and pain. If you are looking to optimize your health, get your body ready for conception, recover after a baby or reduce pain and stress in your body we are a great fit. I am committed to helping you obtain your health goals.
11965 Venice Blvd, Ste 305
Los Angeles, CA

LOOM provide pathways to pregnancy, parenting, and reproductive empowerment for all.

LOOM exists to provide evidence-based classes, results-driven coaching, and a community that supports people throughout the reproductive, pregnancy and parenting experience.

We believe judgement-free access to these resources is vital to everyone. LOOM is a curious and dynamic space, challenging the conventional and making space for individual instincts and the latest research. From Sex Ed for Grownups (Roadmap) to our modern Mommy + Me (Mother + Baby), our team is ready and waiting to help.

Celebrating inclusivity and choice, LOOM is an entirely new approach to the reproductive journey and becoming a parent. You’ve got this. We’ve got you!


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