digital citizenship

digital citizenship

ReConnect: A Mindful System for the Plugged in Family
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ReConnect is a whole child, whole family approach to preparing your young child for life in the Digital Age. The program was developed by Julia Storm, MFA in response to her community’s growing need for guidance in managing the stress and chaos of parenting young digital natives.

Through extensive research, study and hands on learning Julia has culled the most up to date information and put it into an easy to understand program that parents can learn, implement at their own pace and modify to their own needs. Julia offers in home evening or weekend workshops for groups of parents, friends and community groups; in school Parent Ed; and one on one consultations.

Every family has its own approach and its own comfort level around digital media, ReConnect will help you find out what works for your family so you can stop worrying and start putting a Family Media Plan into place. Find us online at

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Business Phone Number: 3109957206
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