Micro Kickboard Scooter

Micro Kickboard is the U.S. distributor for innovative Swiss company Micro-Mobility, maker of the world’s best-rated scooters and kickboards and other innovative products used for urban mobility. Micro leads the revolution in personal transport and from its start in 1999, Micro has been known for its minimalist designs and excellence in engineering, winning prestigious design awards worldwide. Designed for adults as well as children, there’s a quality Micro for ages 1 to 99+.

In the USA, we offer the most complete line of Micro products and service, selling through high-end specialty and department stores across the country and also directly to consumers via our website.

Our Micro family in the US is a group of individuals united by a passion for scooting the great outdoors. When we founded Micro Kickboard, we set a goal of being as good as the products Micro makes. Not an easy goal, as the exceptional design and innovation coming out of Switzerland just never stops! So, we are on the move to improve each and every day, which makes the work fun and the fun work.

We first discovered Micro while living in central London when we spotted a commuter on a scooter and fell in love (with the scooter). Our first Micro was the Flex. Almost immediately we recognized how Micro’s high-end designs would transform scooting. As city dwellers, we liked being able to get places more quickly than walking, without having to ride in the street. Our admiration and enjoyment of Micro scooters turned into a passion which led us to approach Micro Switzerland, with the help of Micro UK friends Anna and Philippa, about becoming their distributor when we moved to the US in 2007.

We are now enjoying watching the growth in scooting for transport as well as for fun. Riders now include the young and the old, urbanites and suburbanites, families, college students, last-mile commuters, grocery shoppers and kindergartners!

Micro Kickboard is the official US distributor for Micro; buy scooters, kickboards AND a lifetime of service, direct from the source.
Choose from the largest and most up-to-date selection of Micro products in the US.
Fast Shipping! Orders are processed and shipped within 1 business day, for arrival within 2-5 business days after ordering.
Rockin customer service. If you don’t experience that, just let us know. Our customer service team is available to serve you Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST
Be green, have fun, get outdoors and get exercise.


Micro can be found in stores throughout LA including Toy Crazy in Malibu and Brentwood, Tom’s Toys in Beverly Hills, Acorn Toys in Santa Monica and Jennie Bec’s, also in Santa Monica.
888 236 5657
Physique 57
Physique 57

Simply said, Physique 57 is taking the fitness industry by storm.
Why? Because our program goes where none has gone before. Ours is a proven barre-based workout with intervals designed to rapidly transform your body. And transform your body, it does. Our signature Physique 57 class incorporates cardio, strength training, stretching and recovery (all with a ballet barre) for a 57 minute workout that systematically improves flexibility and endurance, while strengthening and sculpting muscles. Which means you’ll look as good as you feel.
Sound difficult? Not to worry. We have classes from beginner to advanced, each structured to maximize every minute and every move with our unique choreography and expert instructors.
No matter what kind of shape you’re in, whether you loathe exercise, or work out seven days a week, our workouts will change your body – and your life. And best of all, you’ll have a great time doing it. Promise!
Voted Best Barre Studio in Los Angeles by
320 N Canon Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tidy Tote – The Original “Dirty” Bag
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Tidy Tote – The Original “DIRTY” Bag
Created to hold all things “dirty,” the Tidy Tote does just that. Just think of it as a cousin to the wet bag. The Tidy Tote is designed to keep your dirty stuff away from your clean stuff. What do you do with the dirty play clothes from the park, the sandy flip flops from the beach, the favorite teddy bear that falls on the bathroom floor? Put it in your Tidy Tote! Peace of mind will come knowing that all things dirty are being contained and away from the things you worked so hard to get clean. Try it out! You’ll love the pull out lining because a quick rinse or quick shake out is all it takes to get the inside ready to hold the next big mess. We hope you can enjoy the luxury of a simple life.
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Los Angeles
My Little Sunshine
My Little Sunshine

My Little Sunshine is Culver City’s Newest Eco-Friendly Baby Boutique. Located in the Arts District of Culver City, directly across the historic Helms Bakery Building. My Little Sunshine has quickly become the go to place for mommies in search of eco-friendly, organic, and U.S. made products. My Little Sunshine only stocks the best for your little sunshine. Great brands the The Honest Company, Bugaboo, Plan Toys, Green Toys, Boon, Lady BIM, Eco-Kids, and many more cover the walls of this adorable boutique. At My Little Sunshine they have really taken out the hard work when it comes to finding the right products for mom and baby. No need to feel overwhelmed when shopping here, the staff in fully knowledgeable in everything they carry. My Little Sunshine also offers free local delivery if you live in Los Angeles (some exclusions apply).

8674 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232
Diesel Bookstore – Brentwood

Known for our fascinating selection of new and used titles, author events, enthusiastically diverse staff, and urban California aesthetic, DIESEL is the cutting-edge, high octane, community-radiating, independent neighborhood bookstore we all dream of hanging out in, getting imaginally turned on in, and literarily inspired by. 

Independent Booksellers since 1989
(310) 576-9960
225 26th Street, Suite #33 Santa Monica CA 90402
3020 Designers
3020 Designers

We are a little boutique that loves to cater to the fashionista with a need for stylish finds. We carry mid to high end designer clothes, shoes and accessories that are either new or gently used. We also love the items that are not your mainstream designers but have that unique boutique style. With years of styling for the TV, Film and Print industry we love styling the higher end items with the more budget friendly items to help our customers pull off that amazing, perfect outfit.Our store is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance and we are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We are always receiving in new merchandise so come in and look around and if you have that closet that needs a little clearing or just a little updating give us a call and let us help you. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service we can.
(310) 889-1800
155 So. Barrington Place Los Angeles Calif. 90049
Books and Cookies
Books and Cookies

BOOKS AND COOKIES is a Children’s Bookstore, Enrichment Center and Event Space. The unique design of the Books and Cookies space makes it a safe and relaxing environment for the whole family – with the goal of bringing wonder and excitement back to reading and learning. The space is divided into three areas: The Bookstore/Interactive Reading Room, The Enrichment Center and new Indoor / Outdoor Learn and Play area and Event Space.
THE BOOKSTORE / INTERACTIVE READING ROOM is a sun-filled room stocked with both classics and new, contemporary must-reads for babies to tweens. The space is completely kid friendly with plenty of places to curl up and get lost in the pages of a book. We allow the families to pull the books down off the shelves to read because it is so important to fall in love before you chose which titles to take home. We just want to remind you to read gently!​
In the mornings and afternoons, our ENRICHMENT CENTER is filled to the brim with parents and smiling little ones joining in on our caregiver-and-me activities. From daily story times to music classes, arts & crafts and wiggle worm fitness, our activities foster learning, fun and family interaction.
A unique aspect of our new location is the indoor / outdoor LEARN & PLAY AREA. With 600 shaded square feet outside and another 200 square feet inside, children will have the opportunity to read books in a teepee, build with blocks, make believe and play dress up, dance with bubbles, splash in our water table and climb our beautiful play structure hosted by CEDAR WORKS  This unique space allows children to building critical thinking, gross motor and sensory skills in a safe, enclosed area.
Check out their online schedule for a complete list of classes, sctivities and events.
Let BOOKS AND COOKIES plan your child’s next birthday party and make it one that they will never forget! Storytelling… Parachute Play… Crafts, and more! Our staff will do all the work so you can kick back and relax while your child celebrates. Oh, and you don’t even have to clean up afterwards! We also host playgroups, baby showers, charity events, company parties, and more!
Books and Cookies was started by Chudney Ross, a successful writer, teacher, TV host and entrepreneur. One of her more recent projects was writing a children’s book series, Bean’s Books, the first of which came out in the summer of 2012. Mary Giuliani, CEO of Mary Giuliani Catering & Events in NYC, is also a partner of the shop.
2309 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405

EBOOST is a blend of vitamins, minerals and super-nutrients that help give you a natural lift. Choose from either an effervescent powder that you can add to a glass of water or one of EBOOST’s premium on-the-go shots to help boost your energy level for the day.
EBOOST is the perfect ENERGY BOOSTER for tired Mommy’s who need that extra healthy BOOST of Energy to get through the day!
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