Classes for Parents

Classes for Parents

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LOOM provide pathways to pregnancy, parenting, and reproductive empowerment for all.

LOOM exists to provide evidence-based classes, results-driven coaching, and a community that supports people throughout the reproductive, pregnancy and parenting experience.

We believe judgement-free access to these resources is vital to everyone. LOOM is a curious and dynamic space, challenging the conventional and making space for individual instincts and the latest research. From Sex Ed for Grownups (Roadmap) to our modern Mommy + Me (Mother + Baby), our team is ready and waiting to help.

Celebrating inclusivity and choice, LOOM is an entirely new approach to the reproductive journey and becoming a parent. You’ve got this. We’ve got you!


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The L.A. Kindergarten Class
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Looking for the right elementary school for your child? You’ve come to the right place!
The Los Angeles Kindergarten Class covers:
–Los Angeles area school options – district schools, magnet programs, affiliated charters, independent charters and private schools
–How to search for the right kind of school for your family
–Application processes for each school type
–Steps parents need to take while exploring their options
–A timeline for the year prior to enrolling in Kindergarten
Private Consults are also available
Los Angeles has a lot of different education options for families, but figuring it all out takes significant time and effort. The L.A. Kindergarten Class will help bring clarity to a confusing and overwhelming time in parents’ lives. We’re here to help!

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ReConnect: A Mindful System for the Plugged in Family
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ReConnect is a whole child, whole family approach to preparing your young child for life in the Digital Age. The program was developed by Julia Storm, MFA in response to her community’s growing need for guidance in managing the stress and chaos of parenting young digital natives.

Through extensive research, study and hands on learning Julia has culled the most up to date information and put it into an easy to understand program that parents can learn, implement at their own pace and modify to their own needs. Julia offers in home evening or weekend workshops for groups of parents, friends and community groups; in school Parent Ed; and one on one consultations.

Every family has its own approach and its own comfort level around digital media, ReConnect will help you find out what works for your family so you can stop worrying and start putting a Family Media Plan into place. Find us online at

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Mother Squad
Business Name: Mother Squad
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We’re a judgment-free virtual community where you can openly share motherhood’s highs and lows with like-minded moms. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t showered or have baby food all over your shirt.

We’ve got you.

We know that it’s all part of motherhood and perfection doesn’t exist. We are here so you can just be yourself.

Who are the moms in our groups?

Moms with young infants. Working moms. Stay-at-home moms. Moms of multiple kids. Moms who’ve moved to new cities or towns. All types of moms.

So, what do all of these moms have in common?

They join our community because they want to connect with other moms and learn about motherhood in a way that fits into their busy lives.

That’s why we’re here.

We are your virtual village of support through motherhood. Our live group video chats provide new moms with support and education from experts and other moms.

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Business Phone Number: 424-256-3775