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Tumbling and Flyer Classes
Tumbling and Flying are the basic fundamentals that make up a great cheerleader. South Bay Cheer 360 offers tumbling and flyer classes to help polish off your skills so you can feel safe and confident performing routines and flying high in stunts. We offer a series of classes, designed to help you achieve your goals, perfect your body positioning and strengthen your body so that you can perform to your maximum potential!
Flyer Classes
Our stunt instructors will help you master this skill by teaching you about timing, body positioning and how to fly safely. Flyers in this class will work on stretches and strength exercises specific to flying, and also have time to fly with our professional stunt groups. Flyer classes are available to Pop-Warner flyers, high school flyers, and Allstar flyers. (5:3 student: instructor ratio).

Beginner Cheer Tumbling Classes
Tumbling is one of the basic building blocks to being a cheerleader. In our Beginner Cheer Tumbling Class, our instructors will teach our students from the ground up how to do round-offs, cartwheels, and walk-overs. After you have reached a certain level and after you feel more comfortable we will then begin working your way up to doing backhand springs. (Ratio of student to teacher- 8:1)

Intermediate Cheer Tumbling Classes
Students participating in our Intermediate Cheer Tumbling Class will already know how to properly do backhand springs. We help students add backhand springs into a choreographed routine as well as learn the basics to connecting tumbling and back tucks. It is so important to learn how to do these tumbling stunts in a safe environment and constantly be watched and guided for proper body placement. (Ratio of student to teacher- 8:1)

Advanced Cheer Tumbling Classes
The cheerleaders participating in our Advanced Cheer Tumbling Class are masters in back tucks. This class teaches students how to progress from a layout to a full. Our instructors help students in this class perfect their front and back tumbling and further advance their skills as an expert tumbler.
(Ratio of student to teacher- 8:1)

Kinder Cheer (ages 3-6)
Little ones learn all the cheer basics: jumps, stunts, dance, and tumble. This one hour class will keeps your little ones constantly moving and engaged. They will have fun while learning and building a strong foundation in cheer.
(Ratio of student to teacher- 6:1)

1 hour beginner tumbling class= $95 per month
1 hour flyer class= $70 per month
1 ½ hour class $133 per month (Intermediate and advanced tumbling)
Annual Membership $75
To see class times, please click here to view our calendar.

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UCLA Junior Spirit Squad
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UCLA’s Junior Spirit Squad is an opportunity for young Bruins, ages 3-18, to participate in cheering at UCLA games. With our team of student coaches, participating on the Junior Spirit Squad is a chance for our youngest fans to get out on the field and court to get a feeling of what makes being a Bruin so special. With the opportunity to cheer at multiple sports, Junior Spirit Squad members are able to play a part in UCLA basketball, volleyball, football, and gymnastics during the 2015-2016 athletics season.

Stay tuned for more information about our 2016-2017 season. Signups will begin at 9 a.m. PST on May 16, 2016.

Visit the Jr. Spirit Squad on Facebook and like our page. Check out photos from previous seasons in the Legacy Gallery.

Questions? E-mail us.

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