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Best Beach Events SoCal: US Open of Surfing

us open of surf 2Sunday we headed to Huntington Beach for another super exciting round of finals at the  US Open of Surfing. Its a jam packed day with lots of people in their twenties in their bathing suits wandering the shops and restaurants. Once you get past the crowd, the

excitement of youth and the crazy people watching, you’ll discover one of the most intense and amazing sport events in SoCal. That right folks, SoCal host the largest surfing competition in the world!

The event takes place right next to the pier which is jam packed with surf fans watching the best of the best go toe to toe. Van Doren hosts the event with huge shopping tents, and experiential area with sand covered sidewalks and bleachers where you can get a better view of the action taking place in the water.

There’s no charge to attend the event. That’s right. You just have to find parking, haul your stuff to the beach and set up camp. Be sure to bring beach chairs, umbrellas and a cooler full of beverages because you’re right on the beach. Kids were running and playing in the water (off to the side past the competition area of course) while the event was taking place. And there’s not just surfing to watch. Fiat sent some seriously cool jet skis out to race too! There’s planes flying overhead and lots of action. Its endlessly entertaining!  We highly recommend making the trek to Huntington Beach to check it out. Plus its such a lovely beach town with so many great restaurants like Sandy’s and Duke’s. Be sure to stop by and try the infamous blue “puffo” gelato at Mangiamo as well. They won’t tell you what in it but you won’t want to miss it!

Check out this great summary from LA Times!

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