A “Very Bad Day” Was REALLY Good!

Alexander536d08d1a65f8My daughter is a Disney Channel fan and in between Doc Mc Stuffins and (ok I admit it) Austin & Ally she’s been seeing all the ads for Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. She has been asking for weeks to see the movie as soon as it came out. I am always up for seeing Jennifer Garner and Steve Carrell in a movie so we were game. Way to go Disney!  You totally nailed this one.

We laughed the whole way through. This movie was so fun!  It’s an endearing portrayal of a day in the life of the Coopers, a family of 6. Dad is an unemployed genius and a complete optimist. He  is currently home raising the kids and looking for a job. (Love the Mommy and Me yoga scene with Steve Carrell. They coined the word “FOMMY” just for that scene.) Mom is a hard working executive at a children’s book publishing company. And then there’s the handsome oldest son, the ambitious daughter, Alexander, the “forgotten” middle child and Trevor, the new arrival.

Alexander’s family all have their own things going on one very important day (junior prom, drivers license exam, the lead in the production of Peter Pan, a 12 year old birthday party, a job interview, a book launch) and everything that could go wrong on that day does. But then it all gets better and ends up great in the end. Alexander reminds everyone of his Dad’s mantras – encouragement, positivity, a sense of humor and hopefulness. And he sums it all up saying “You have to have the bad days so you can love the good ones even more.”

The cast playing the kids were terrific! And the kangaroo took it over the top. We loved how likeable all the characters were. No one was mean or thoughtless or catty or self involved (well – except Bella Thorne who is just ga ga gorgeous BTW). Steve Carrell was killing it every step of the way. He is hilarious! Jennifer Garner’s portrayal of a supportive, patient and hard-working mom of 4 who is up for an SVP role at her company was lovely. She made me think that must be how she is in real life, juggling her family and work – always putting the kids first.

Lets hear it for the Super Coopers! Arrrrg! See the clip below and then go see the movie!  We give this movie ***** (that’s 5 stars) and suggest kids over the age of 6 see it. It’s very family friendly so if your 3 year old happens to be in the room when its on its probably fine but they will likely be bored.

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