Alison Diaz Launched The Environmental Charter Schools to Create Serious Change in Education in Underserved Communities

Imagine going to school in an environment where you can pick fruit from the garden in your central courtyard, feed chickens, learn to compost and understand how… Read more »

How To Be At The Coolest Beach Party In Town & Give To Charity: Mattel Childrens Hospital’s PARTY ON THE PIER

There’s so much generosity in this town. From South Pas to Abbot Kinney, everyone takes a break from their hectic schedules to show up for a great… Read more »

Tea for Teen Cancer America Was Inspiring

I got to work the red carpet, a job usually reserved for our talented duo of Kristin Cruz and Laura Nickerson, but last night I attempted to… Read more »

#GiveBackNews: Giving back to homeless, girls, disabled athletes, a famous dog, and our give back mom of the month.

In this week’s #GiveBackNews LA update we’ll take you to Malibu, Beverly Hills, Van Nuys, San Diego and Marina Del Rey for inspiring stories of how LA… Read more »

#GiveBackNews on Homelessness, Morality, and Education Outreach in LA

In this week’s #GiveBackNews update we take a look at the two major declarations this week in LA, one on homelessness and the other on Morality.  Also,… Read more »

Laura Turner Seydel to Speak at Healthy Child Annual Gala

Every year hundreds of people gather in LA to celebrate the good work that Healthy Child Healthy World does for our children and families. This year HCHW… Read more »

Mattel’s 16th Annual Party On The Pier & UCLA’s Danielle Dietz

Mattel’s 16th Annual “Party on The Pier” is this Sunday September 27th! Find out who will be there & what goodies you can expect for the whole… Read more »

Save the Date for the Wonder Woman Walk Sept 13

I never knew her very well. I saw her in passing in the parking lot at school and chatted with her a few times at Bee Planet…. Read more »

SEEDLING & PS ARTS: Play, Create & Inspire Your Kids!

WHEN a little idea turns into the next big thing, we forget sometimes that it always starts small. The women who are responsible for growing SEEDLING understand that, and promise… Read more »

Avast Matey! The Story Pirates Stole Our Hearts

Sitting in the theater Saturday afternoon, filled with parents and children all laughing and relating to what was taking place on stage, I was struck with the… Read more »