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Lightsabers waved in time as the epic music that brought the emotion of the Star Wars saga to life, filled the air of the Hollywood Bowl. Legendary… Read more »

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Have you ever had this conversation with your mate? You: “It’s date night hon, we have a sitter.” Spouse: “Uhh…what should we do?” You: “_______(drawing a blank)”… Read more »

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DRAG Your Husband to See Kinky Boots!

Most people don’t think a musical about a drag queen saving a shoe factory would be a good date night event-but they would be wrong. Just to be… Read more »

In this age of YouTube and quickly digestible entertainment, it’s always a good idea to find ways to slow down and enjoy family entertainment from another era. Ventura’s Rubicon Theatre… Read more »

Go “Au Natural” at the South Coast Botanical Gardens

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where you can combine your love of the outdoors with your kid’s love of Legos? Well there is,… Read more »

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