LA Mom Blogs and Sites We Love

All About LA

  • Agoura Hills Mom – stay tapped-in with local posts and fun information from Kim Tracy Prince
  • — A resource for parents to get their child involved in the perfect extracurricular activity. Simply enter your zip code on their site and you’ll receive a whole list of after-school activities in your area.
  • Babes in Disneyland – a terrific book and online source about visiting Disneyland
  • CalabasasMommy – stay connected in Calabasas with updates on local events and happenings – also check out their MomExpo event
  • CBS Los Angeles - Best of LA / Families segment that features stories written by local Moms about things to do and experience in LA.
  • Club MomMe - a community of moms and moms-to-be for social, educational and athletic events, classes and parties. If you are a new Mom join this club!
  • Collective310 – brought to you by the curators at BeautyCollection, Collective310 cuts through the clutter, serving up the very best in cosmetic and skin care, compelling trends and events, beauty tips and fashion inspiration. Style, meet substance.
  • DayTrippingMom – OC happenings, Disney scoop, day trips, travel and more.
  • Discover LA – The official guide to LA by the LA Convention & Visitors Bureau.
  • DisneySisters – three Moms who’s love of all things Disney makes their site a tremendous resource for anyone thinking about visiting Disneyland or wanting to know what’s going on with Disney tv, films, merchandise and more
  • – a unique partnership of public and private sponsors and over 2,000 actively contributing arts and cultural organizations.
  • Family Savvy – a great guide to what LA has to offer for parents
  • Go Play in LA – a seriously amazing resource on all of LA parks and playgrounds.
  • – WE LOVE THIS SITE! Ok – its a lot of what we list but they are appealing to the G-parents. How great! Grandparents need ideas too!
  • Guru Mommy – Linda Meadow, co-author of City Baby LA, dishes on her favorite things, latest LA finds and the things she is not so crazy about
  • JEN’S LIST – free daily e-mail newsletter and website reaching over 15,000 families, is the mom’s guide to what’s hot, new, and undiscovered – from baby products and nannies to fun family things to do.
  • – a dynamic insider’s guide to Los Angeles.
  • LA City Mom is a blog dedicated to helping you connect in LA. This is a fun site with personal tips and reviews written by Lee Rose Emery.
  • LA Moms Dig – real reviews written by real LA Moms
  • LA Story – chronicles the adventures of Laura Clark as she finds exciting stuff to do with the kiddo and then jots down the funny bits.
  • LA Weekly - comprehensive calendar listings and cultural coverage
  • LA With Kids – a video driven account of what to do in LA with lots of Top 10 lists.
  • Macaroni Kid – Santa Monica – offers weekly listings of events in Santa Monica.
  • Macaroni Kid – Beverly Hills – offers weekly listings of events in Beverly Hills.
  • Macaroni Kid – Pasadena – offers weekly listings of events in Pasadena
  • MommyPoppins – segmented by area of town this site list lots of events and activities to do with kids
  • MommyTrain – fun events with toddlers in LA! We love how they describe what they do…”two mommies become friends. They join a mommy group. They make more friends. They host fabulous mommy group shindigs. They enjoy the heck out of it. They dream up a way to put their business skills and mommy know-­how to work, for the other lonely mommies of the world. And voila! The genius that is is born.”
  • MomsLA – where you need to be to find out what’s happening in LA! This site is comprised of postings from dozens of LA’s top Mommy bloggers. Stay in the know with these ladies.
  • Peachhead – one of the largest online and off-line communities for supporting and connecting families in the Los Angeles area. Check their Yahoo Groups for nannies and more!
  • Red Tricycle – a free email newsletter that helps parents have more fun with their kids. They offer ideas  for cool things to see, eat, make and do with your kids in your neighborhood. Check out this fantastic list on Red Tricycle too! Best Blogs of La La Land.
  • SoCalMoms is an online community, local events and Mommy resource.
  • StrollerTraffic – a free weekly email for city moms (and expecting moms!) with kids under 3. They help keep you posted on new brands, brilliant inventions, and hot topics for babies and toddlers—all wrapped up in a witty little email.
  • The List Collective – the ever stylish Elaine Bauer-Brooks reviews her latest LA finds and adds them to her lists.


  • Hollywood Hot Moms - get the latest scoop on celeb sightings, and what celebrities are buying and doing with their kids
  • ModernMom – Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt’s trusted online magazine community for the “Woman Behind the Mom.”
  • – every other Friday Kimberly Clayton Blaine takes us somewhere fun to discuss something important to Moms, interview a Mommy celebrity or just have fun
  • Moonfrye – social network, blog central, funny videos, insights from the Mom formerly known as Punky Brewster

Food and Gardening

  • is designed for people who have a healthy sense of humor about their obsession with organic gardening, and who have a thirst for knowledge. Whether you’re a novice or a garden nerd veteran, there is a place for you here at
  • TasterTots L.A.- want to know where you can eat in LA with your kids without eating kiddie food? This Mommy written blog uncovers kid-friendly, adult fare in LA.

Humorous / Informative

  • Advice You Did Not Ask For – writer Amanda Schwartz unleashes her sense of humor and perspective in this witty read
  • House of Prince – Kim Tracy Prince keeps it real yo.
  • Karma Continued – Jenny Feldon recounts life’s journeys from world travels to motherhood. She is one of Blogher’s 12 Voices for 2012!
  • Life With Smalls – a witty account of daily parenting perils by LA screenwriter turned full-time Mom
  • Not June – Susanna Morgan tells it like it is, the pearls are off baby! Watch out!
  • Perils of Divorced Pauline – a satirical look at divorce
  • Retro Modern Mom –  embodies Kate Wilkinson’s style, preferences and faith. She loves all things vintage and retro yet could never be without modern conveniences (like her curling iron ;) ).
  • SarahMaizes – author of Got MILF? and On My Way to the Bath and On My Way to Bed, Sarah Maizes keeps us in stitches.
  • Salt & Nectar - The Sarahs tell it like it is, sharing the salty + sweet, big city + small town, ups + downs, the pretty + not so much of modern motherhood. We love that the Sarahs met as staff members of their law school’s only feminist legal publication.
  • Sarcastic, Funny & Brutally Honest – Desiree Eaglin dishes, vents and waxes prophetic…great inside stories from a Mom of two
  • SkateMamas – move over Soccer Moms…here come the Skate Mamas. An ode to skating in LA.


  • Positively Positive - is about optimism and inspiration. About seeing the possibility within each person—and within each day gifted us. It’s about wisdom and how we lift one another up to richer, more fulfilling lives. It’s about tapping into our true nature and capacity.


  • JKidLA is a web resource of BJE, a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation.  A comprehensive listing of the countless formal and informal Jewish educational opportunities and resources in greater Los Angeles. This is a tremendous source that offers information aboout parent classes, mommie and me, schools, camps, special needs, holidays, things to do and more for Jewish children and families. They also offer concierge services to help you decide which programs are best for you and your family.

Parenting Advice

  • Practical Katie offers exactly what it says parenting advice that’s very practical
  • The Twin Coach – navigating life and Los Angeles with twins can be harrowing. Gina helps you sort through it.
  • Twigtale enables Parents to better communicate important information with young children through a personalized storybook.  The books are all scripted by experts and personalized with photos and details.  Twigtale also offers weekly Toddler Tips and parenting advice on their blog.

Schools and Education

  • Beyond the Brochure - a blog for parents who are applying to private elementary schools in Los Angeles. And, what life is really like at some of these schools.
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