Best of LA with Kristin and Laura

VL KC with bofLA logoMeet Kristin and Laura, hosts of the Best of LA web series. They are two incredibly fun moms, well-versed in everything LA who have taken on the task of bringing you the BEST of this city from a mom’s point of view. Whether visiting a botanical garden, exploring Disney Concert Hall or stopping in to check out a favorite local restaurant or new business in your hood these ladies always get you the details you need to know.

Join them for their adventures around LA through the Best of LA Web Series and local “Moms on the Street” event coverage! Our Media Moms also hot podcasts & events where we all hang-out with other experts and influencers to dish on mommyhood, cool LA stuff, parenting hacks, news, hot topics, movies, entertainment, products, apps and so much more! Sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive invites.

So – just who are Kristin and Laura? For more than a century Kristin Cruz worked in entertainment behind the camera, on the mic, and in music, while passionately advocating for women in the business. Kristin is also the founder of Moms in Media, a collaborate of moms like herself who have spent many years in front of and behind the mic / camera. She’s a well-known broadcaster (Syndicated Morning Radio Host KOST 103.5/iHeartRadio), plus TV Parenting Lifestyle Expert and Blogger (TODAY Show, KTLA, ABC, CBS, HLN). Kristin is a proud Latina, IVF Mom raising 3 kids in her hometown of LA and wife to Fireman Matt. Her impressive background in the entertainment industry, her candid approach, & love for adventure make following Kristin in her journeys completely addicting. Get her stories & speaking engagements on  Follow on Twitter @kristincruz & Instagram.

Laura Nickerson has worked as an On-Camera Host/Reporter and Radio Personality for KCET, CTV, MomAngeles, KHTS, KFI, KTLK, TV Guide, HBO, SM16, Dance Channel TV, Broad Topics TV and Radio, Clear Channel Inc, and NBC/Universal. She hosts the weekly television show “The Buzz” for CTV and the podcast and video series “Best of LA with Kristin and Laura” for MomAngeles alongside fellow radio personality Kristin Cruz. Laura recently launched a humorous new series called The MomBuster where she “busts” or “loves” products and ideas for parents. In her copious free time, she also works as an on-camera consultant for The Randy Lane Company, a personal branding and media consulting firm and she does theatre and movie reviews for MomAngeles. Of all of the things Laura has accomplished, she says trying to get two kids to nap at the same time has been the most difficult. To stay up to date on what’s going on with Laura follow her on twitter @nickerberger or follow her on

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